Spring Issue of Horizons

In Patient Safety on April 28, 2011 at 8:14 pm

Horizons provides articles on specific topics of broad interest to the medical technology community, such as information technology, home healthcare, and human factors engineering.

from their site:

TOPIC SPRING 2011: Alarm Systems

“Medical alarm systems warn of danger by alerting caregivers to critical medical information. They also frequently malfunction or are turned off, ignored, or unheard, earning a top spot on lists of the most frequent and serious problems seen with devices. How can the safety and effectiveness of alarms be improved?”

These are the planned topics:

2011 Alarm Systems Horizons – Editorial Content

The following articles are under development for the Spring 2011 issue of Alarm Systems Horizons:

  • Why Clinical Alarms Are a ‘Top Ten’ Hazard: How You Can Help Reduce the Risk
  • IEC 60601-1-8 Alarm Standard and Risk Management Considerations
  • Alarm Systems in Critical Care: Highlights of the New International Standard for Critical Care Ventilators
  • Understanding the Relationship between Cardiopulmonary Monitors and Clinically Significant Events in Critically Ill Children
  • Physiologic Alarm Load on Med/Surg Floors of a Community Hospital
  • Taking Alarm Standardization to the Floors: Demonstrating the Use of Telemetry In-Situ with a Training System
  • The Patient Monitoring Conundrum: “Managing Alarms” Versus Managing Patients
  • Pulse Oximetry Advanced Alarm Threshold
  • An Evidence-Based Strategy to Reduce SPO2 Nuisance Alarms
  • Visual and Auditory Perception Research: Implications for the Design, Selection, Use, and Maintenance of Alarms
  • A Decentralized Hierarchical Network Model for Alarms
  • Designing Effective Alarm Sounds
  • Complementing Alarms with Useful Troubleshooting Guidance
  • Clinical Alarm Hazards: Overview and Recommendations
  • Using Modern Internet Techniques to Distribute Alarms
  • Use of Mobile Devices to Improve Alarm Systems
  • Functional Basics of Third-Party Alerting Alarming Systems
  • Advancing the Functionality of Medical Alarms

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