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TBT: Ahrq 2014 safety culture survey.

In adverse events, culture on April 3, 2014 at 10:03 am

I called this throw back thursday because it doesn’t seem we have made much progress over the years. This is concerning. And probably relates to HAI and other undesirable outcomes. Maybe it’s just a fantasy that if we fix these the other things will fall into place easier? see my same post in 2012!

Areas With Potential for Improvement for Most Hospitals

The three areas that showed potential for improvement, or with the lowest average percent positive responses, were:

Nonpunitive Response to Error (44 percent positive response)—the extent to which staff feel that their mistakes and event reports are not held against them and that mistakes are not kept in their personnel file.
Handoffs and Transitions (47 percent positive response)—the extent to which important patient care information is transferred across hospital units and during shift changes.
Staffing (55 percent positive response)—the extent to which there are enough staff to handle the workload and work hours are appropriate to provide the best care for patients.

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