Patient Empowerment: “Let Patients Help”

In Patient empowerment on December 23, 2011 at 10:38 am

If you followed the Running a Hospital blog (see Blogroll) you probably have heard of e-patient Dave

Links to material mentioned in this video:
Visible body
RA Warrior

ePAtient Dave

Dave’s Book

REgina Holliday at the Healthcare design Conference: Boston 2012

The mural 73 cents (.73 cents a page to get her husbands medical record)

  1. Well, what a pleasure to discover this! Guess what I majored in at MIT: organizational pscyhology, under Tom Allen.

    So nice to find someone else who sees it from all these angles!

  2. Thanks for commenting epatient Dave. I hope to stimulate interest in organizational psychology amongst healthcare workers by sharing the research that is being done. We can’t change healthcare from within if we don’t have a framework for understanding why we feel, think, act and believe as we do.
    I love your use of storytelling in this TED presentation..This sure is one powerful way to illuminate and change culture.

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