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Almost like being there…

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Videos from the 2012 Heathcare design conference

Summary of Healthcare Design Conference

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Technology is so important for safety. More clinicians need to be at these conferences as the disruption of healthcare is evident in these presentations.  We need to move forward.

Patient empowerment is another theme at this yearly conference.  Patient empowerment is key to safety.


Avoid Medical Errors… com

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Just found this site that is written by nurses who consult for legal cases. It is interesting for patients as well as professionals.

Here is an idea of some of their posts:


Patient Empowerment: “Let Patients Help”

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If you followed the Running a Hospital blog (see Blogroll) you probably have heard of e-patient Dave

Links to material mentioned in this video:
Visible body
RA Warrior

ePAtient Dave

Dave’s Book

REgina Holliday at the Healthcare design Conference: Boston 2012

The mural 73 cents (.73 cents a page to get her husbands medical record)

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