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In adverse events, culture, Human Factors on June 23, 2012 at 3:20 pm

Excellent patient safety resources from the folks at University of Illinois at Chicago.
Their blog:
There is a great post about collusion. If you see safety issues in healthcare and do not report, you should feel culpability.

Their educational site

If you are a healthcareworker, spend the $75 and Watch the Lewis Blackman story. You will be motivated to become a patient safety advocate. Lewis who was a totally healthy 15 year old, went in for elective surgery and died from a GI bleed related to toradol post op. The sequence of events happen everyday…there is nothing earthshattering until..there is.
Some key topics in this film: premature closure, confirmation bias, rapid response teams, chain of command, identification of rank of healthcare workers…listening to parents concerns..
Click to purchase pay-per-view From tears to transparency

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