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I will make every effort to use primary references in this blog which includes the evaluation of primary research articles. I will also use opinions and interpretations by experts and authors. I will provide a reference whenever a comment is not my own using the APA writing standards of author last name, and year. The full reference can be found under the Reference page of this site.

Any text in red is a link and can be clicked to illicit more information on a topic. Some links are to information on this site and some take you off this site. In today’s world when we are spoon feed so much information from many sources, I recommend always reading and evaluating primary research articles for yourself. There is a lot to be gained by viewing the raw data and documentation of procedures followed in deciding on the relevance of findings. While the concept of following best practice is generally accepted, not all practices translate in an effective way into every environment. A best practice in one environment may lead to errors when employed in a different environment and culture. **Always remember to conduct ongoing evaluation of any new system change regardless of its widespread use in other places.**

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