Unintended Consequences

In Patient Safety on April 28, 2015 at 7:37 am

I live in an 18 floor building and ride the elevator often. When there are older gentlemen riding with me they usually step aside to let me out first.  While this appears chivalrous it actually lens me to be the one to open the garage door which is usually fairly difficult due to the wind pattern.Sometimes’s it hurts my arm.
When I realized this, I began to motion to let the men out first. Most often I am greeted by a smile and a slight bow “oh no ladies first”. I have been hesitant to say anything as the men are often quite pleased with their chivalry.

How often in health care are we pleased with ourselves for doing the right thing or following best practices when in fact we might have made things more difficult or even harmful for a patient? If they think we are nice and mean well will they even tell us?

Watch for unintended consequences.If you don’t look or ask you won’t find them and you might just be doing more harm than good

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