No med is safe…

In adverse events on February 14, 2013 at 6:14 pm

As a society i think if we want to improve safety we really have to decrease our dependence on medications.

From fox news: “Samantha was 7 when she was given Motrin brand ibuprofen, family attorney  Brad Henry said. She suffered a rare side effect known as toxic epidermal  necrolysis and lost 90 percent of her skin and was blinded, he said.

She suffered brain damage that “thankfully” involved only short-term memory  loss, he said, and surgeons had to drill through her skull to relieve some  pressure.

The disease also seared Samantha’s respiratory system, and she now has just  20 percent lung capacity, Henry said.

The family filed the lawsuit in January 2007, claiming that Samantha was  blinded by Motrin and alleging that Johnson & Johnson failed to warn  consumers that the drug could cause life-threatening reactions. The five-week  trial ended on Wednesday when the jury awarded $50 million in compensatory  damages to Samantha and $6.5 million to each of her parents.”

Read more:

Fox says they know of 20 other children this has affected 😦

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