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Do bundles Work?

In Bundles on June 30, 2012 at 5:07 am

“Bundles are a set of processes of care that, when instituted as a group, provide more robust results than when each process is instituted individually. This is particularly true when components interact with each other synergistically or when partial execution fails to achieve the desired result.Institutions are being asked to implement bundles and to measure adherence to them as part of their quality measures. “Credit” for delivering each component can only be obtained if the entire bundle is executed correctly. In other words, credit for delivery is all or none.

For a bundle to be effective, each component must have an explicit rationale. There should be a logical relationship between the elements (additive and not antagonistic), and there should be strong evidence showing either that each component improves the targeted outcome or that the entire bundle when applied together improves outcomes”

This introduction comes from an evidence based review of VAP bundles from JAMA. Does the VAP bundle work? Read the article and find out for yourself:

Transparent Health

In adverse events, culture, Human Factors on June 23, 2012 at 3:20 pm

Excellent patient safety resources from the folks at University of Illinois at Chicago.
Their blog:
There is a great post about collusion. If you see safety issues in healthcare and do not report, you should feel culpability.

Their educational site

If you are a healthcareworker, spend the $75 and Watch the Lewis Blackman story. You will be motivated to become a patient safety advocate. Lewis who was a totally healthy 15 year old, went in for elective surgery and died from a GI bleed related to toradol post op. The sequence of events happen everyday…there is nothing earthshattering until..there is.
Some key topics in this film: premature closure, confirmation bias, rapid response teams, chain of command, identification of rank of healthcare workers…listening to parents concerns..
Click to purchase pay-per-view From tears to transparency

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