Coming in May

In Patient Safety on March 18, 2011 at 9:29 am


New Patient Safety book due out in May from Sidney Dekker (quoted often on this blog).

Description from the publisher CRC press:
•Presents material written with the medical practitioner audience in mind
•Includes the latest Human Factors/Ergonomics research applicable to patient safety
•Contains examples and cases on Human Factors and patient safety
•Discusses accountability and just culture
•Presents information in easy to use bulleted lists and illustrations where possible

“With coverage ranging from the influence of professional identity in medicine and problematic nature of “human error”, to the psychological and social features that characterize healthcare work, to the safety-critical aspects of interfaces and automation, this book spans the width of the human factors field and its importance for patient safety today. In addition, the book discusses topics such as accountability, just culture, and secondary victimization in the aftermath of adverse events and takes readers to the leading edge of human factors research today: complexity, systems thinking and resilience.” -CRC Press

I’ve pre-ordered this one!

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