More Human Factors…

In Patient Safety on March 17, 2011 at 8:48 pm

My friend received a phone message tonight asking for volunteers to do massages at the Walk for Breast Cancer (she’s an LMT). The call back phone number was difficult to hear. She first called xxx-xxx-9762 wrong number. I quickly listened to the number too and I thought it was xxx-xxx-9752. Wrong number again! I stopped, shut the lights off, and closed my eyes and said play it again. I took a deep breath and very clearly heard xxx-xxx-2222. Bingo! Right number and now my friend is helping out that day.

Why tell this story? To point out the need for quiet zones where staff can stop, take a breath and pay attention to important notes and numbers. Any inpatient areas without a quiet zone are putting their patients and staff at risk. Build one today! Look for a future post with more evidence-based information 🙂

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