How transparent is transparency?

In Patient Safety on June 26, 2011 at 6:21 pm

The Reno Gazette Journal runs quite a few stories on patient safety in the Nevada heathcare system. An article posted online on June 19, reviews the mandatory state reporting situation of local hospitals. While the hospitals are posting many areas with zero defects, other pieces of evidence show a different story. They interview two women whose medical complications did not fall under the current reporting system. The journal also compared rates of error reported to billing info submitted to the state and found quite a discrepancy. Read the full story.
What do you think? Does mandatory reporting work? Does healthcare need more of an FAA-type body akin to aviation where incidents are investigated by outside sources if safety is really to be a priority? Can we really expect hospitals to engage in full disclose related to errors when their survival may depend on this data?? This article made me wonder if mandatory reporting may do more harm than good.. It’s like applying old theories of clinician error to entire systems ..publicly shame and sanction the system..hospitals will start looking for ways NOT to report or ways to reclassify their errors…

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