Inventors wanted!

In Patient Safety on February 6, 2011 at 3:57 pm

It is great that there are companies totally focused on assisting humans in preventing error. Here is an example of a sponge counting solution:
interview with CEO of Patient Safety Technologies.

TWST: How unique is the Safety-Sponge System?

Mr. Stewart: The Safety-Sponge System is a patented, proprietary product exclusive to SurgiCount Medical. It is distributed exclusively through Cardinal Health (CAH), but it is available to any hospital through their current distribution partners. The product is a very straight-forward application of automatic identification technology that addresses the underlying cause of the vast majority of retained sponges – human error.

Before and after every surgical procedure, all surgical articles used, including sponges, are counted to make sure that they are not unintentionally left inside the body. Our solution tracks sponges, the most difficult and problematic articles to account for, down to the individual level by adhering a simple, unique identifier to each one. Used in conjunction with a small handheld scanner, we call it the SurgiCounter, the system allows for more accurate counts prior to the patient being closed.
While this is great, I propose to take it even further…invent something that attaches to the sponges like a lifeline so they never get hidden in the first place (then count them using the technology as a backup).
I also propose the companies look at making syringes and other equipment with small caps and pieces more pedi friendly by attaching the caps and small pieces. This can prevent the nurse or MD from inadvertently dropping a piece, creating a choking hazard. Inventors: we need you!

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