New Year’s Safety Resolutions

In Patient Safety on January 1, 2011 at 10:51 am

New Years Day is always a time for reflection on the accomplishments of the past year and a stimulus to plan for the upcoming months.

Here’s some Safety new years resolution ideas from the World Health Organization. See how they compare with your organization’s and your own personal safety priorities.

The top three priorities in research for global patient safety:

  • Adverse Drug events and Medication Errors
  • Adverse Medical Device events (the dog smells usability issues in this one)
  • Care of the Frail and Elderly

Others on the list of particular interest to this blog and IO psychologists:

  • 6. Devices that lack “human factors” considerations built into their design and modus of operandi
  • 10. Impact of work pressure on patient safety
  • 12. Inadequate manpower
  • 15. Lack of appropriate knowledge and transfer of knowledge
  • 16. Lack of communication and coordination
  • 23. Procedures that lack human factors consideration built into design and operandi
  • 24. Role of safety culture
  • 26. Stress and Fatigue
  • 27. Surgical errors

WHO has 28 safety research recommendations: Read the rest here

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