User Interfaces and Safety

In Human Factors on September 25, 2010 at 4:38 pm

I upgraded to a new android touch screen phone this week, the Motorola Backflip. What a great little device! It’s so easy to use and so much faster and lighter than my old Windows Mobile phone. The user interface was so intuitive, I barely had to open the instruction booklet.
I am having only one problem and it’s a major one…more

To answer a call, the screen appears like this:

I am right handed so it doesn’t take much effort for me to slide my thumb onto the answer button if my mother calls.

Oh but guess what?
My old phone’s interface looked like this:

Can anyone guess how many of my friends have been “ignored” this week instead of “answered”? Can anyone guess how much trouble I will be in if I keep “ignoring” my mother? 🙂

New technology is great and often so much easier to use than the technology it is replacing. However it is very important to compare functions between the old and new before purchasing. If a function works in opposition to a feature on the old machine there could be major errors that training will not prevent. It is not so easy to erase the old way of doing things, especially in stressful, fast paced environments.
or when your mother is calling….

  1. Maybe its just hard for aarp members 😮

  2. Haha. You raise a good point. There was a recent article that highlighted the differences in learning between older and younger employees.

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