Pat Tillman and Fratricide

In Human Factors on September 3, 2010 at 9:52 pm

Pat Tillman was an NFL player who left to join the military with his brother. His death was portrayed in high drama as an example of military heroism only to find out later it was a case of fratricide. Pat like many others was a hero but his death could have been prevented. The military uses human factors theory in the investigations of fratricides which are incidents commonly known as “friendly fire.” If anyone sees the new Tillman movie, The Tillman Story and is interested in this topic as it applies to the military here is an example of some investigations: Read Webb & Hewitt, 2010
While this is a study related to combat, its applicability to any high stakes environment is evident. Also interesting are their findings of teamwork and in particular the leadership of the team being implicated in occurrences of fratricide….

To read a review of the movie check out metacritic: the-tillman-story

The word Fratricide actually translates to “the act of killing one’s brother” (Dictionary, 2010)

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